About our Charity Shop in Teulada

Whilst a lot of our goods are donated, we also offer a commission based service whereby items are offered for sale at an agreed price and the owner gets 70% of the sale price and the balance is retained by the shop.

Why not clear out your cupboards and wardrobes and bring your unwanted items for sale on commission and earn yourself some extra cash?

We are pleased to accept clothes either as a donation or for sale on commission. Clothes for sale on commission are only accepted for the current season.

All clothes must be clean, fashionable and in a nearly new condition. Men’s suits, baby clothes and shoes are accepted on a donation basis only.

IMPORTANT: We shall not be taking in Summer clothes after Friday 14th September. We shall be accepting Autumn & Winter clothes on Monday 17th September.

Bric a Brac, Books and Linen
Throughout the year we are glad to receive clean and ironed linen, china, bric à brac and books.

Electrical Items

We will accept small electrical items, provided they are fitted with a Spanish plug or a UK plug with adaptor, and can be tested in the shop, and proved to be in good working order. However we do not accept TVs, Video and DVD players, computers etc as they cannot be fully tested in the shop.

Reasonable sized items of furniture and rugs can be accepted, either as donations or on commission.

Commission Sales – How it works

Clients who wish to sell on commission will be registered with the shop and issued with an identification number, asked to sign a disclaimer and given details of our operating policy. The client number is unique and is valid for an unlimited period. All future items for the same client are catalogued under this number.

For goods sold on commission, the shop retains 30%, and the client will receive 70%. All items for sale are listed on a personal facture sheet with a copy given to the client.

Client money is paid out on Wednesdays only and is held indefinitely until collected or specifically donated to the Asociación.

Goods will be kept in the shop for one month. If items have not sold in that time, or have not been reclaimed by the owner, they then become the property of the Asociación Benéfica de Teulada.


Avenida Mediterraneo 183, Teulada, 03725 Alicante